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How To Use Google Calendar For Time Management

When we are too busy, it is difficult to keep up with our commitments. With technology advancing at an unprecedented rate, there’s no reason you can’t use it to your advantage.

With all of these tools at our disposal, using them effectively takes some time and effort upfront, but in return, they make us more organized and efficient in our work and personal lives.

Google Calendars have become one of the most common ways people organize their daily activities. They feature event-based features that let you create new events, add attendees, and see the whole calendar view at any given moment.

In this article, I will discuss how to use Google Calendar efficiently to manage your time. You will also learn about some easy tricks to maximize its effectiveness.

Work on your projects

how to use google calendar for time management

A second way to use Google Calendars is to track all of your project tasks. You can create different folders based on what project you are working on at the time, then add events to each event box as needed.

Once again, you can also connect this feature with another app or service that will help you organize and manage your day! For example, I have mine connected with Asana, an online task management site.

I used to use MyTask, which cost $10 per month, but I decided to try out Asana instead because it’s free!

You can find lots of similar apps and services where you can link your google calendar to make it easy to access.

Set up weekly schedules

how to use google calendar for time management

A good way to use Google Calendar is to set it up as an event scheduler. You can create events that occur every week, or you can choose monthly, yearly, or even daily events.

After creating your event, you will need to specify what time it occurs. This includes choosing when it starts and ends. You also have the option of changing the meeting name and notes.

You can add more details to the event by clicking the additional link at the bottom of the page. For example, you may want to include who the event is organized by, how many people are in the organization, and if anyone should be invited.

These settings are very helpful in keeping track of everything.

Make plans for things that need to be done

how to use google calendar for time management

One of the most important uses of Google Calendar is creating events. An event can be anything, from going out with your friends to taking an exam to meeting at work.

Google allows you to create events easily. You can add who will attend, when the event happens, and what area it belongs to.

After you have created the event, you can also see all of the other events that are happening during the same time frame. This way you can make sure you don’t get involved in something else!

Another very helpful feature is being able to re-schedule an event. For example, if someone calls you one hour before the event then you can move the start time up or down depending on whether they actually show up or not.

This way you won’t waste any time waiting for them and can plan another event instead.

Try new things

how to use google calendar for time management

If you feel that your current time management system isn’t working, try something different! This could be because you’re doing something wrong, or it could be due to changing priorities or life changes.

Google calendar is a great tool to use if you are trying to organize your time. It is free so there is no risk involved in giving it a try.

You can create an event, set a start time, and a end time and then add people to attend. You can also share the events with others which can help you out in times of need.

By having this software, you will have more organized time as it automatically updates and keeps track of all appointments.

Using google-calendar won’t fix everything, but it will definitely improve your time management. It will give you some insight into how well you manage your time and what parts of your day drag down the rest.

Take breaks

A good time management technique is taking regular breaks. You should allocate specific times of the day to different tasks, and break down large projects into smaller ones that can be completed in between your work sessions.

This helps you stay focused and moving at a steady pace, which are important qualities when managing a career as well as a life.

You will need to know how to use Google Calendar to implement this!

Google Calendar has an easy way to create breaks. When creating or editing an event, there is an option called Breakdown. This allows you to specify what time block you want to remove the event from, and it automatically moves the next occurrence up one hour.

For example, say you have planned to meet with two colleagues every week to discuss project ideas. One month, however, they both decide not to show up, so you no longer have meeting places.

It may feel like you do not have anything to do, but using this break feature, you can simply delete one of the meetings and re-create it later.

Do not get too stressed

how to use google calendar for time management

Let me tell you something about this tool that may take some time to realize – it is not important how organized you are, or what steps you take to use this calendar, at first.

The hard truth is that once you have this tool in place, all of your other tools will be overwhelmed with messages telling them to use this one!

That means there will be constant reminders trying to get into your head so you can use this one.

It could easily become another source of stress because you will always know what event you should be attending next.

So, why would we want that?

We need breaks from our busy lives to relax and unwind. Having such a powerful tool that keeps reminding us to un-do our jobs makes sense only when we understand the value of relaxation.

Using Google Calendars as a way to manage your time takes away that pressure by doing it for you. You can simply sit back and enjoy the lull while the software does the work for you.

Create an action plan

how to use google calendar for time management

The next step in using Google Calendars effectively is creating an action plan or goal setting process. When you create a meeting, include times when it should be held, who all must be invited, and what the agenda should be.

When someone needs to meet with another person, they will have to invite both people onto their own individual calendars so that they can see each other’s schedules. This way, everyone knows about every other person’s schedule, which helps time management.

By having this system, anyone can check any of the others’ calendars at any time to make sure everything goes as planned! It also helps maintain relationships, as friends keep track of each other’s plans.

Google allows you to connect your Gmail account to use as your main calendar, making it easy to organize events from anywhere. Once connected, you can access and edit the settings at any time.

Make use of your time

how to use google calendar for time management

A good way to use Google Calendars is to make use of it as an opportunity to evaluate how you spend your time. Are you spending too much time on social media or surfing the net? Is there something that you have been putting off doing, because you don’t feel like you have done enough “work” this week?

By using Google Calendar to analyze the ways you spend your time, you can create an easy-to-use tool to help you achieve your career goals and personal dreams.

Google Calendar helps you track what you are doing every minute of every day by creating events for different activities. For example, you could create an event called “Work out today” or “Study for math test tomorrow.”

Once the event has finished, it automatically removes itself from the calendar so you do not accidentally forget about it.

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