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How To Use Excel For Time Management

Learning how to use Microsoft Office products like Excel can be pretty tricky at first, but they all have similar functions! If you are ever struggling to figure out what task to do next, consider using this product for help.

Many people these days rely heavily on technology for their daily lives. With everything from work being done online via business accounts or personal accounts, it has become nearly impossible to avoid using computer software at some level.

This is especially true in the workplace where most things get done through computers now. From emailing colleagues to posting Facebook updates, our productivity depends on efficient software.

Make to do lists

how to use excel for time management

Having a good list management system is an easy way to start using your time more efficiently. Most people begin making lists with tasks that have nothing specific to do with getting things done, but creating simple task lists can be a great way to get started.

You could make a general task list of things you need to do next week or month, or you could create a checklist type itemized list.

Either method will help you stay on track easily. The easiest way to use this technique is to create an app dedicated to listing items or to-do’s. You can also write down notes about each task as they come up in your day – just make sure you don’t forget them!

Using an app makes it easier to add new tasks, check off completed ones, and organize the lists by category or project area.

Work on small tasks as they come

how to use excel for time management

The second way to use excel for time management is by doing it in an incremental fashion. This means instead of using the spreadsheet to organize your time, you use another tool to do that for you!

Most people have their favorite go-to app at this stage. For some, it’s Google Calendar, or Microsoft Outlook. Whatever works best for you will depend on how much control you want over your time, and what types of projects you have going.

Whatever system you choose, the key difference between these two strategies is whether you manage your time directly within the application, or if you create empty slots and work during those times.

The first can be helpful, but it also makes it hard to tell when your time is being wasted because you have no open activities. If there are too many inactive times, then it may even distract you from working on higher priority things.

By creating empty slots, you acknowledge that you don’t have everything done yet and leave room for something new to come up. You also keep yourself organized since you now know what time is free and what time has a task waiting for it.

Finish big projects as soon as possible

how to use excel for time management

The next step in using excel for time management is helping you get into the habit of finishing your most important tasks as quickly as possible. This will be particularly difficult at first, but stick with it!

By this I mean don’t put off doing things that you want to do because you think you have to do them later. Do these things now so you can move onto the next thing.

And when you do manage to drag out a task for longer than necessary, take some breaks. You could make yourself a cup of tea or walk around the room while you work through something else.

Take breaks

how to use excel for time management

A lot of people try to do too much with their schedule, which only creates more stress. If you are in a job that demands constant attention to detail, then yes, you should spend lots of time focusing on those tasks.

But being productive does not mean spending all your time doing something. It means creating an environment where you feel relaxed and able to focus on other things.

You need to give yourself time to relax or everything will end up stressed. You can start by giving yourself short breaks during the day.

This could be taking a five minute break every hour, going for a quick walk outside, having a chat with a friend, or even just lying down and relaxing.

If you work from home, you can also do this at night when it is dark out. Even if you don’t completely shut off your computer, you can take a few minutes away from what you were working on.

Running dry is never a good thing, so make sure to keep a notebook and pen nearby for any important notes or calls you might have forgotten about.

Automate tasks

how to use excel for time management

A great way to use time management with technology is by using it to automate or perform routine tasks.

You can create an automated task in Microsoft Excel that will occur at a certain time every day, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

This can be done through creating a macro-enabled workbook that performs a specific function or sequence of functions.

Weekly savings reports are one example of this. You make your report inside an existing template and then have the program do everything else!

Another example is setting up a system to automatically pay bills. You pick which bill types you want it to go after and it does all the rest.

The computer takes care of tracking down information and doing the math necessary to see if it has been paid off or not. This saves you hours each week!

Using computers to aid in time saving is very popular these days and is something most people enjoy. If you’re looking to save time, try finding software or tools to help you out.

Learn to prioritize

how to use excel for time management

A crucial part of time management is learning how to prioritize tasks. You will need to figure out what should be given a higher or lower priority depending on the task.

For example, if your highest goal is to make enough money to pay off student loans, then you must learn to value spending time on projects that may not bring in much money over time. This can include things like having a conversation with your best friend who lives far away, investing in education or training to improve your career, or giving up television so you do not waste too much time watching it.

By using technology to help you track your time, you can also look into apps that allow you to categorize tasks according to importance. For instance, there are many apps that have timers where you can allocate limited amounts of time to different tasks. By doing this, you will become more aware of how much time each project takes and can adjust your schedule accordingly.

Learn to be consistent

how to use excel for time management

A lot of people try to use time management software as their main tool to manage their time, but they give up within a few days. The reason is that most applications require you to be consistently high-quality in your efforts before they can really help.

You have to put in enough effort into using the app every day to get any benefits, which means you need to be willing to invest some time in it first.

Most apps also cost money, which may deter individuals from trying them out because of the expense. This could be unnecessary if you are already spending money on time tracking devices or apps.

Check out this article I wrote about the best free time tracking tools to see more reasons why these two items are important.

Create a healthy work/life balance

how to use excel for time management

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that being more efficient at work means staying up late and working through the night, or holding onto the job because you don’t want to be replaced.

This isn’t good for your health nor is it effective in keeping your career moving forward. You need to understand how much time you should spend on each task, and have some deadlines for yourself so that you don’t keep going until you collapse!

You also need to recognize what kind of workload is too much for you to handle and find ways to reduce the amount of time you invest in it. This could mean asking for help, looking for new responsibilities, or just quitting!

Time management doesn’t just apply to paid jobs, it can be done at home as well. If you’ve got a family, put aside certain hours during the day when you are actively involved with them, and devote other times to hobbies and activities that you enjoy.

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