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How To Skip Songs With Airpods Pro

If you are constantly taking your earbuds out, then it is probably because you like listening to too much music! The solution? Use Bluetooth headphones that stay in your ears longer!

One of these solutions is using wireless earphones or “airpod” style headphones. You can find them at almost any store this season!

Airpods come with its own app which allows you to do several things with the device such as play, pause, skip, and manage songs. This article will go more into detail about how to use those features on your airpods!

This article will also go over some tips and tricks for skipping songs effectively with your airpods.

Use a headphone splitter

how to skip songs with airpods pro

While using Apple’s wireless headphones, there is an easy way to skip or pause songs without having to use the touch-based controls. A lot of people don’t know this, but you can actually connect your earbuds into a separate listening channel through what’s called a headphone splitter.

A headphone splitter works by rerouting one set of audio signals coming in from your device (in our case, the airpod) to another source while leaving the other source alone.

Typically, these are mono sources — like one speaker or headset plug – so once that gets routed onto the second source, it no longer has anything to work with. Technically speaking, you can have several sources at once, but they all must be able to listen for incoming sounds independently!

That means if one source doesn’t have a song that needs skipping, then it will not function properly when the split happens. So make sure your source has a good quality sound before trying to use this feature! [source]

There are many types of headphone splitters out there, some more expensive than others. But none of them require any special software or apps to work! You can find ones where you need to download an app to use them, as well as ones that do not require anything extra.

Use separate Bluetooth headphones

There are two ways to skip or mute an airpod song. The first is by using another pair of earbuds, headphone dongles, or a regular set of headphones.

The second way is to use a third-party app for your phone or device. Many apps have a feature that allows you to toggle between whether the input comes from the iPhone’s own speakers or external devices such as headphones.

You can also choose to either keep it as normal where only the internal speaker works or turn off the internal one so everything else sounds like it came from the external source.

Switch devices

how to skip songs with airpods pro

The way you use your earbuds can make a difference in how well you are able to skip songs. As we mentioned before, holding down the volume button or using the touch surface of your device will not work with Apple’s wireless headphones.

That is why there is an easy solution! You can switch out your earbud case for another one that does not have this feature. Or, if you own a pair of wired earphones, just swap those out as well.

This works best if you are walking around or doing something else while listening to music because you would need to re-pair the earbuds then go back into place where you left off.

Reset your Airpods

how to skip songs with airpods pro

If you are trying to skip songs or launch an app with earbuds still connected, know that you can’t! This is because when there isn’t enough battery power left, the device automatically resets itself so it can be re-paired.

If this happens before you have disconnected the headphones, then you will lose all of your music and apps!

To avoid this, make sure to always fully pair your AirPods before putting them in your pocket for hours. Also, keep an eye on how much battery life they have so you don’t need to pull them out too soon.

Reboot your modem

how to skip songs with airpods pro

When you have run out of options, this is one way to try! Sometimes, an unexpected restart will clear up the issues that you are having with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity.

If possible, completely power off your computer, phone, and airpod for at least ten minutes and then connect them back together. This will allow your devices to reset and sync without any interference from dead connections or software that may not be compatible with newer features.

It can also help if you can fully disconnect from wi-fi before trying to re-connect, as some routers require you to do so in order to reconnect.

Run a factory reset

how to skip songs with airpods pro

The first thing we will talk about is how to skip songs with your new airpod pro. There are two ways to do this, one via manual method and the other through an automatic process. Both of these methods work in very similar fashions so it does not matter which you choose really!

The automatic way to do this is by running what’s called a factory reset. This removes all settings and data from the device so that you can start fresh. Make sure to backup all important information before doing this as there may be files or accounts linked to the device that you want to keep!

You will need to go into the Settings app and then under General tap Reset. Then, when asked if you would like to remove all apps, content, and data, select yes and wait for it to complete.

Replace your Airpods

how to skip songs with airpods pro

Even though it may sound impossible, you can still skip songs with your airpod! Simply take off the earbuds completely and put them in your other ear for better range radio reception or just so you do not have to hold them close to your head.

This was an excellent solution when people first started using headphones and listening to music seriously. Now that we have wireless technology at our fingertips, this is totally unnecessary!

There are many great wireless headphone brands out there such as Sony, Bose, Philips, and more. They all use different technologies to achieve this feature which makes it hard for users to find one that works well for them.

Run a disk check

how to skip songs with airpods pro

The next step in listening to less music is running a disk check. This will verify that your computer has enough free space for all of your current files, as well as any new files you may want to add to your library!

You can run this tool by going into Settings -> Storage & Files -> Check storage device(s) -> Then click “Disk Checks”.

This will take some time depending on how many songs there are so make sure you do not close the window until it is complete! Once it is done, you can access all of your disks from the top menu bar.

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