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How To Share Audio With Airpods

Having one of the best music listening experiences is dependent on how well you manage your audio sources. For example, if there are no headphones or earbuds, you will not be able to listen to anything!

This article will go into detail about some easy ways to share your favorite songs, audiobooks, and podcasts with your new Apple AirPods. It also covers some helpful tips for using the included microphones effectively.

Disclaimer:The purpose of this article is to show you simple ways to sync and stream your music, audiobooks, and/or podcasts from various apps onto your device without having to use a third-party service. I am not being paid by any of these companies nor am I affiliated with them in any way. These benefits were discovered via personal research.


Streaming services such as Spotify and Pandora can easily be connected to your AirPods through their own app or an equalizer app like Amplify. This allows you to control both sets of AirPods independently and quickly switch between either set depending on what song you want to hear!

Amplify works very similarly to other streaming music apps where you create an account free to access all of the features. You can connect up to five devices to amplify at a time including computers, phones, and tablets. Plus, it has a low monthly cost making it affordable to start streaming right away!

There are several ways to link your Amplify to your AirPods.

Find the right place to place your AirPods

how to share audio with airpods

Even though you can use the headphones cord to connect two sets of earbuds, this is not a good idea unless one set of earphones has a built-in microphone or there are no other choices for audio equipment.

Using the wire as a backup option will not work if you do not have wireless connectivity at home or outside. This may be due to limitations with your internet service provider (ISP) or poor Wi-Fi signal strength in your area.

If you need to use the wired connection, then make sure to test it out first before using it for important conversations or tasks where quality sound is needed.

You could also try another pair of earbuds with a longer lasting battery to play along with yours.

Connect your AirPods correctly

how to share audio with airpods

The next step is to make sure you have connected your pair of earphones properly! If you pulled them out too quickly, it may not have detected they were already paired before.

Make sure that when you put in each earphone, there is a slight tug on both sides. If you can feel the tight fit around your ears, then they are working!

If you do not feel this happening, try using another earphone set as a test device until you find one that works for you. You may need to push down or pull up on the headphones slightly to get this feeling.

Any color other than black is acceptable, but we recommend going into Settings > Bluetooth and making sure Receive audio via call signal is checked. This way, if someone calls you, their voice will also be able to come through clearly!”

Editor’s note: A few people mentioned in the comments that even with these settings enabled, their phone still cannot connect to their airpod. Make sure your bluetooth is turned on completely along with your wifi connection! Also, some people said that the sound quality was poor compared to just using the headphone jack.

This is because the Bluetooth version does not have high-quality modes like the ones that use the 3D lightning connector (AKA noise canceling). However, unless you really care about having good sounding music, you do not need to worry about this limitation.

Make sure Bluetooth is on

how to share audio with airpods

If you are having trouble sharing your audio with your device, make sure that Bluetooth is turned on! This includes both Bluetooth wireless technology as well as the earbuds’ internal Bluetooth chips.

Bluetooth can be tricky at times, so it’s best to turn this feature up before trying to share music. Also, remember to switch off Bluetooth when you aren’t using them to avoid any connection issues.

You may also want to try switching the mode of the headphones from Discrete to A2DP (Audio/Video Streaming). Check out our guide for more tips.

Hopefully one of these tips helped you get your track set on fire today! Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @huffingtonpostUK.

Tell your friends about the AirPods

how to share audio with airpods

There are two main ways to share audio with someone else using their own set of earbuds or headphones. You can either send them an MP3 file, link them to a playlist or you can have them connect to your device so that they can access all of your music and apps directly.

With iOS 12 and later, it is easy to send direct, sync-free audio via Bluetooth. Simply hold down the button next to the headphone jack for one minute and then tap “Share”. This feature works even if there isn’t enough space left on the caller’s phone to save the media file.

Make sure your Bluetooth is turned on

how to share audio with airpods

When you first pair your device with your earbuds, they will ask if you want to add them as a speaker or just keep for private listening. You can now choose to share their audio with other devices!

You must have a source of music before you can connect another device to listen to airpod content. This could be through an iPhone, computer, or tablet that has music apps. Or you can use a phone or radio app like Spotify, Pandora, or Apple Music.

If you’re using headphones connected to a TV, make sure those are in “Audio Output Mode” instead of “Video Output Mode.” Doing so will let your new device play sound directly from the TV, rather than having to find the source separately.

Use a case

how to share audio with airpods

While you can use your own device as an audio source for streaming with the new wireless earbuds, that is not ideal. Using your phone or other device as an audio source will limit how many sources have access to the headphones and what types of devices they can be connected to.

If someone else has their own pair of AirPods, they could easily take control by bringing up a different app, switching which tool you use to listen to music, and/or re-pairing the headphones.

Luckily there are some more secure ways to share or stream Apple’s new wireless in earphones! There are several cases available that contain a built in microphone and headphone jack. You can then connect the headphones to those ports to enjoy listening without any issues.

Some brands even offer special charging stands so users do not need to keep swapping out batteries during use either! These accessories are very affordable and make sharing or streaming easy.

Use the right earbuds

how to share audio with airpods

There are two types of headphones that people usually use for listening to music — closed-ear headphones and open-eared headphones. Closed-ear headphones completely cover one ear, making it more discreet but less able to filter out external noises. Open-eared headphones have longer cords that reach beyond the ears, allowing you to place them somewhere and still be able to hear what’s going on around you.

With streaming services like Spotify offering personalized radio stations, there is an easy way to share these songs with your roommate or family member! Just make sure they’re using the same app and account to stream from. You can also just send the link to their phone so they can start listening without being asked for access first.

Try different positions

how to share audio with airpods

When sharing an audio file with your friend, make sure you are listening for any sounds of struggle! The person may need help getting the device in position or changing the volume.

If they cannot hear the sound of their own music clearly, it could be because they have the headphones too close to their face, or they have them up very high.

Try moving the earbuds around to see if that helps. Or, ask if there is somewhere they would like to put them before sharing the audio file. Some people prefer having the phone in one hand while using it so this might work well for them.

Everyone has unique preferences when it comes to how they listen to music so do try these out!”

This article will go more into detail about all of the settings you can change to improve the quality of the call and other features.

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