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How To Pair Airpods With Macbook

If you use an older generation MacBook or other computer that does not have Bluetooth technology, it is still possible to pair your Apple wireless headphones with them! This article will show you how to do this.

It is important to note that these settings only work if you are using an earbud style headphone. The foam coverings of over-the-ear headphones cannot be used in this case.

If you would like to try out the wireless headphones, we recommend buying some test pairs before purchasing the real ones. Test out one set of headphones on each device and see whether they connect successfully and sound good!

There are several ways to make sure your devices paired correctly. You can compare their sounds, check for notifications, and test recharging. We will go into more detail about all of those in this article.

Make sure your Bluetooth is turned on

how to pair airpods with macbook

If you have tried unsuccessfully to pair your earbuds with your MacBook, make sure that your Bluetooth is enabled! This could be through Settings > Devices (or System Preferences -> Bluetooth) or via the hardware switch just to make sure it’s not accidentally disabled.

It also helps if you update any software on your computer, like Safari or iTunes. Updating these apps can sometimes reset features or eliminate configuration settings which may prevent pairing from working.

Connect your iphone or ipad to your macbook

how to pair airpods with macbook

If you have an iPhone or iPad, it is very easy to use these with your MacBook. You can connect both using a standard USB cable or wirelessly!

Wireless connectivity uses Bluetooth technology which works by sending signals across a distance of up to 10 meters (33 feet). This allows for more seamless communication and switching between devices.

To pair your device with your computer easily, go into Settings > System Preferences and search for “Bluetooth”. Then, under Devices, find the input source and output settings for each one and choose the appropriate one from there.

You may also need to sign out of your old wireless network before being able to connect to a new one.

Connect your macbook to your iphone or ipad

If you have an iPhone, make sure it is in sync with Wi-Fi and that it can connect to the internet!
You will also need to make sure that it has iCloud enabled so it backs up automatically.

If you own an iPad then make sure it can pair with your computer via Bluetooth. You do not have to use airpod earbuds, you can use headphones instead!

You can still enjoy listening to music without having to take out your phone or device.

Make sure your macbook is close to your iphone or ipad

how to pair airpods with macbook

While most people use earbuds with their mobile device, there are now wireless headphones that can work as earphones for your phone as well as having additional features! These have quickly become very popular due to their versatility and ease of use.

One such pair of headphones is called an Apple Watch charger which has gained wide popularity recently. Technically speaking, these do not qualify as “true” wireless headphones since they connect via Bluetooth technology but they do afford you some added convenience in terms of recharging your watch.

By adding this feature, users no longer have to take off their watch to recharge it and can instead just drop the headphone onto the bedside table or other nearby surface to re-energize.

Turn on Airpods

how to pair airpods with macbook

The next step is to turn your paired-down earbuds onto! To do this, press down on either side of the case until it releases.

Your earbuds will now unfurl into position, allowing you to access the headphones port easily.

Now that your headphones are out and accessible, it is time to determine if they work with your other device.

Does their cord have an inline power source? If so, great! They will sync up automatically!

If not, you will need to manually connect them via USB or Bluetooth. This can be tricky since you will have to find which one goes where!

To make things even more difficult, Apple doesn’t give clear instructions for how to use these products. There are no easy way to pair them.

Hold down the button on the back of your macbook

how to pair airpods with macbook

There are two main ways to use earbuds with your MacBook. You can either hold them in your hand or you can have someone else do it for you.

To pair using hands, simply press both sides of the headphone together and then wait for the headphones to sync and find their paired device.

This works if you have the phone in your other hand already!

Alternatively, you can have someone else do it for you by sharing their audio source (iPad, iPhone, computer). They must also be able to access the internet and know how to connect to Bluetooth devices.

Tip: Make sure to take extra care when removing the buds as they can be hard to grab sometimes.

Hold down the button on the bottom of your iphone or ipad

how to pair airpods with macbook

There are two ways to use earbuds with your MacBook. You can either hold them in your hand like normal headphones, or you can have them connect automatically when your device is plugged into a charger.

The second option is called sync or Bluetooth pairing. This process requires you to physically place one set of earphones next to the other before they will pair together. Then, you need to get the software ready!

You can do this by downloading an app for your computer or smartphone that pairs with each other. Many people use Apple’s own Settings program, but there are many others out there.

Let go of the buttons when instructed

how to pair airpods with macbook

There is one important thing you must remember about using headphones with your MacBook or iPad!

The headphone jack does not work in tandem with the touchscreen. That means if you try to use the volume up/down buttons, it will not increase or decrease the sound level like it would with normal earbuds.

Instead, hold down the button next to the device that has sound coming out of it until the sync screen comes up. Then press play and enjoy! This trick works for both wired and wireless headphones.

Editor’s note: If you need help finding which button corresponds to what app, check our list here!

Google Assistant, Siri, and Voice commands are the most popular ways to control music on iOS and macOS. Luckily, this article will show you how to get those working beautifully with Bluetooth headphones as well!

Step 1: Find Your Headphone In The Settings

In order to pair them properly, you will first have to find them in the settings. On iPhone models and later, they should automatically detect yours when you connect them via Bluetooth.

On earlier versions of iPhones (like the XS, SE, and 8th Generation) there was no way to easily identify them. Fortunately, we have some tips for you!

You can either search “Bluetooth” directly from the Settings app or go into System > Device Support. Both of these will bring up a tab for Devices.

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