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How To Manage Time With Outlook

Over time, technology has made our lives easier in many ways. Computers have allowed us to accomplish tasks more efficiently, quickly, and effortlessly. Email is one such tool that allows you to stay connected with friends, family, colleagues, and businesses around the world.

Email is probably one of the most important tools we use every day. It keeps people close when they are separated by distance or life commitments, it helps facilitate business relationships, and makes for an easy way to share information and notes.

That being said, email can also get out of control if not used properly. In fact, studies show that over half of all workers check their work email at least once per hour!

Time spent checking emails could be saved if there was an efficient system for doing so. Fortunately, this article will talk about some strategies for managing your inboxes. You’ll learn how to conserve energy by avoiding long-overdue messages, as well as how to prioritize messages to ensure nothing gets overlooked.

Schedule meetings

how to manage time with outlook

The next step in time management with Outlook is scheduling meeting. This can be done by creating new appointments, changing an appointment’s location or time, adding notes to an appointment, etc.

You can also create reminders for your meetings so you are not forgetful of them. You can set it as a reminder one day before the appointment or every week!

These settings will stay in place until deleted which is another way to keep track of important dates.

Plan your week

how to manage time with outlook

The best way to manage time in Office is by planning your weekly schedule. You can use an app, paper, or computer program to do this.

A good way to start is with Sunday night. On Sunday night, look at the next seven days and make an appointment for each day. Do not include any activities that you will be doing during the hours of the office!

Start by making an appointment for yourself at one o’clock every morning. This is your “wake up call” moment. After waking up, take a short break and have some tea or coffee- anything that starts the day.

Then, go straight down to the gym or get out and do something active. If you like, you can make lunch for tomorrow, but don’t pack anything heavy because you won’t want to eat it.

After work, stop at a restaurant or pick somewhere close by so you don’t have too long to wait before home. Then, treat yourself to something nice – maybe drinks or dinner at a bar or grill venue!

That way, you are starting the day on a high note and leaving yourself enough time to relax and prepare for the rest of the day. Repeat this process for Monday through Saturday.

Planning the week takes about 30 minutes per day, every day, which makes it a very cost-effective way to organize your time.

Identify your tasks

how to manage time with outlook

The first step in managing time with Microsoft Outlook is to identify what you need to do next. What task are you working on right now? If you’re not sure, make a note of it and look up the steps later!

You can use the My Tasks view to help you organize all your assignments. This feature allows you to create lists that automatically sort into due dates, location, people, and notes.

Once you have this organized, you will be able to access the information anywhere via your phone or computer. You can also add additional columns if needed such as Who Assigned Me or Status.

Keep an eye out for any notifications about delayed work or messages from other team members asking how their assignment is going. It may feel overwhelming at times, but using these tools helps streamline your workflow and keeps everyone informed.

Organize your inbox

how to manage time with outlook

In fact, you can now organize your email messages in such a way that it is nearly impossible to miss anything! If you have ever organized all of your mail into different folders or labels, then this new feature will be very familiar to you.

The New Feature Is Called ‘Time-Sorting’ And It Lets You Sort Your Messages By When They Were Received.

You can also choose to sort by the sender, the recipient, or both. The best part about time sorting in Microsoft Office Online (Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote) is that you do not need an Office 365 subscription to use it.

So even if you are using free online services like Gmail or Yahoo!, you can still enjoy the benefits of time sorting.

Commit to working on your personal life

how to manage time with outlook

It’s easy to spend lots of time in Microsoft Outlook, staying connected with friends and family, keeping up-to-date on work emails, and responding to all sorts of messages.

But what about your own internal process? Do you make progress towards achieving your goals every day? If not, it’s time to shift things around.

You need to set aside time each week to do something that benefits you, and that will help you achieve your long term goals. This can be anything from learning a new skill or tool to reading an important book.

It may even be writing down thoughts or ideas that have been floating through your head for a while now. Whatever it is, you must put some time into it every week.

Identify your coworkers

The hardest part of time management is figuring out how much time you have- not having it constantly reminded you. What services do you use that take up lots of time? What apps do you need to access frequently?

It can be hard to prioritize what needs to get done over others if you don’t know what things there are. You might even feel like people expect certain things from you, which adds more pressure.

By being aware of these factors, you will be able to identify whether someone else is a big time waster or not so you can cut them down or help them manage their time better.

Does anyone ever just sit around doing nothing most days? If so, they’re probably wasting a lot of time!

Find out who their friends are, what projects they’re working on, and what responsibilities they have so you can determine whether they truly waste time or not.

Communicate with them

how to manage time with outlook

The first way to manage time in Microsoft Outlook is by using labels. You can use labels for many things, but one of their most important uses is organizing messages into groups or categories. For example, you could have a label called Messages I’m Receiving and another labeled Message Subjects I’d Like To Review.

By using labels, you can now easily access all your messages via these labels. Also, you can quickly find a message by searching through each label. It works just like having folders in Windows!

Another very helpful feature that comes built-in to Outlook is Me/My Items. This allows you to create an item (ex: email) as either yours or someone else’s. Your own items will automatically be categorized under “Me” while ones belonging to others are put under “Other People.”

This helps organize the mail flow even more since you don’t have to worry about who received what message anymore! All messages remain in One place so you can review and respond at your leisure.

Do housework

how to manage time with outlook

A lot of people think that being more productive means staying up all night working or never sleeping, doing as many things as possible in a short amount of time, and juggling work constantly.

This is not how productivity works. Productivity comes from spending your time on tasks that make you feel good about yourself, and learning to value efficiency over speed.

Household chores are one of the most efficient ways to use your time. These responsibilities take away from other activities, but they’re worth it.

Chores give you a sense of accomplishment and reward your hard work by making life easier for others. They also help you focus on taking care of something instead of chasing after something else, which cuts down on stress.

There are several easy ways to organize household duties so that they fit into your schedule and personal preferences. Here are some tips for organizing them using an app like Oranda.

Why manage time with outlook?

The best way to manage your time is to understand what factors influence your time and how you can adjust and control these influences. This article will talk about why starting with daily housekeeping is a great start when planning to organize your time.

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