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How To Manage Time In Law School

A lot of students get overwhelmed by law school at least once during their time here. Whether it is due to excessive studying, research, or both, they feel that there is never enough time to do everything.

Many people who are successful in life understand this- you have to make sacrifices now for later. You have to choose to put off things for a few years if you want to live a comfortable life down the road.

This can be difficult in the beginning when your future depends heavily on getting good grades and staying ahead of your classmates, but as time goes on you will learn how to prioritize more effectively.

You will find yourself having all the time you need eventually. But you will have to work hard to achieve this. This article has some tips to help you manage your time efficiently in law school.

Make a firm schedule

how to manage time in law school

The next step in time management is creating a firm, organized schedule. This should include all of your classes, meetings, and activities for the day as well as longer term goals and assignments.

At the beginning of each week, get up early so you have enough time to prepare for class and other commitments. Also, keep one morning every week free to focus on academic tasks such as studying or reviewing material.

Weekends are also very important times to devote to schoolwork. Because they occur once a week, people often underestimate how much time it takes to complete homework and study before and after classes.

In addition to attending classes, there will be many opportunities to meet with professors, discuss courses, and receive feedback and assignments. You can use these to better understand the subject matter and track progress.

It’s also helpful to recognize that some things may take more time than expected, but don’t let this discourage you.

Try not to plan too far into the future

how to manage time in law school

A lot of students get stuck planning their next step in law school based on how many classes they have left, or when their practical training is scheduled.

If you’re in graduate school, your focus should be more on developing skills than taking courses. You can spend time after graduation learning professional skills like working as a paralegal or legal assistant, practicing law, teaching at a university, etc.

And while it’s great to want to go straight into practice once you earn your degree, don’t forget that you need to develop other important skills first.

Commit to things in your life

A lot of people get busy with their law school careers and then they lose track of what matters most to them. They spend all of their time studying, working, and socializing and sometimes nothing gets neglected– they do not allocate any time for hobbies or activities that matter to you.

If this is you, start now by investing in yourself by doing things that make you happy. This can be anything from going to yoga class, reading a book you have been wanting to read for months, or even just staying at home and watching TV for an hour.

Whatever you choose to do, invest in it and give it your full attention. Doing these things will take up some time, but it should not feel like you are wasting your time because they bring you happiness.

Also remember that spending time doing non-law related things helps you de-stress and boosts your overall wellness.

Limit screen time

how to manage time in law school

A lot of students gain excessive exposure to screens due to the availability of technology. This includes use of smartphones, tablets, laptops, televisions, etc. Screen time is typically limited during school hours as education institutions have policies that prohibit using devices outside of class or work times.

However, after classes end and before you go home, your family members usually don’t keep you very busy. You get an hour or two at night for yourself, which can be used to check email, surf the web, or whatever else you want to do. But if you’re not careful, this can add up!

You should try to limit your screen time to less than one hour per day. If you need to watch a movie or something similar, then stick to 30 minutes at the most. Or better yet, no screen time at all!

This can include avoiding smartphone usage and switching off electronics while sleeping. Also, consider investing in sleep equipment (white noise machines, eye masks, etc.) to help promote restful sleep.

These tips will also help reduce stress, and hopefully give you some extra time to enjoy other parts of your life.

Law school can be difficult, but you need to keep your stress levels down

how to manage time in law school

One of the biggest sources of stress for students is time management. This is particularly true as students enter law school where there are many deadlines and commitments.

Many students find that their grades suffer because they spend too much time watching TV or sleeping instead of studying. Students may also overwork themselves by spending too long researching topics before class or attending classes without enough sleep.

Overall health can suffer due to poor time management. If a student is struggling with depression or anxiety, they should seek help immediately.

This will help you in law school. You’ll have more energy which will make learning easier and happier studies will reduce drop offs and mood swings. Try using apps like Google ‘How to manage time in law school’ to learn some helpful tips.

Seek out a mental health professional

how to manage time in law school

It is not enough to have time as your top priority; you must also be willing to invest in yourself by seeking help for your law school stressors.

There are many ways to manage your time effectively, but one of the first things to do if you feel overwhelmed is to see a mental health professional. You can choose from several types of professionals — including licensed counselors or therapists, social workers, clinical psychologists, and psychiatrists.

Most schools offer some kind of counseling services for students. Although these are typically limited to 30-60 minutes once a week, this short amount of time can make a big difference.

Counseling can be helpful for issues such as depression, anxiety, relationship problems, academic struggles, and more. Some areas of focus include career development, life planning, self-reflection, and other legal concerns.

Law school may seem like an ever-expanding maze at times, which makes it difficult to know where to start when trying to address underlying emotional or psychological conditions. A counselor can give you the tools to begin addressing those issues.

“The best way to deal with stress is to reduce the sources of stress,” says Dr. Jennifer Silva, a psychiatrist who specializes in college psychiatry. “If you recognize that you’re under significant pressure due to work, then try to find ways to relieve that pressure.”


Stay hydrated

how to manage time in law school

A lot of students get nervous when they are trying to manage their time due to law school being a very hectic place. One of the things that can make time feel even more chaotic is if you have to go outside for some reason, like to use the bathroom or to walk somewhere.

If this happens at a busy time of day, your chances of getting back indoors may be limited so do not forget to drink enough water!

Drinking adequate amounts of water will help keep you feeling relaxed and focused. Also, drinking enough water can help reduce stress and aid sleep, both important parts of student life.

Planning ahead and making sure you stayhydrated will create an easier time managing your time in law school.

Eat your meals

how to manage time in law school

Now, this may sound very basic and obvious, but it’s important to know how to manage time when you eat. When you are hungry, get up and start eating! Don’t wait for hunger to make you take your own advice first by going through the motions of starting to cook or eat something before you actually do it.

If you have an appointment after work that you need to be at, then don’t waste any time waiting until later to begin doing things. Make the most of your time while you have it!

Likewise, if you want to watch TV, then get yourself a bowl of cereal and grab some milk and sit down and drink it. Or better yet, make your own breakfast and pack your lunch ahead of time so you’re not wasting time getting ready for school/work.

All of these small changes will add up over time and help you save a lot of time! And honestly, you’ll feel more relaxed and organized once you learn how to manage your time when you are feeding yourself.

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