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How Are Airpods Used

Recent reports have indicated that some people are experiencing issues with their airpod battery life, particularly in using them to listen to music or make calls. Some say they need to either replace the headphones completely or recharge the batteries enough to get more than ten minutes of use before needing to be replaced!

If you’re one of these individuals who experience this problem, here is an easy way to test your earbuds out for potential problems. You can simply place each ear bud into a working device (phone, computer, etc) and see if it will power up and work. If it does, then unfortunately, those air podpairs may not last very long!

Fortunately, there are several ways to fix this issue aside from replacing the product. Here are some tips to help keep your air poudders fresh and functioning for a while!

Reminder: Make sure to only risk testing your ear buds in conditions where they are known to work so as to avoid causing damage to them further.

How can I use Airpods?

how are airpods used

First, make sure you have an iPhone X or newer with iOS 12 or later. Then, download the AirPods app from the App Store to connect your headphones.

Once it’s installed, open the app and choose either “Add for the first time” or “Link already exist.” After that, press the button to begin syncing!

Your iPhone will take some time to sync all of your music, but don’t worry–it only takes as long as needed. Once everything is synchronized, turn off one earbud at a time until only one remains. Press down on the device to activate them.

Now you are ready to go! Keep in mind that you must actively remove each earbud before using the other one, otherwise they may continue to pair automatically the next time you need them.

Can I use Airpods while exercising?

When you are listening to music with earphones, there is one more thing you can do aside from moving or shaking the device. You can put your ear up for better sound!

This is called active listening.

By doing this, you are actually engaging in conversation with what you are listening to.

You are paying attention to what people say, and how they say it.

It may be to find out more about something they mentioned, or to give advice or instructions to someone else.

With air headphones, you can also do this by holding them next to your ears so that you can hear more clearly.

Can I use Airpods when I sleep?

how are airpods used

One of the biggest criticisms of these earbuds is that you cannot use them while you are sleeping, which is why some people stick to their old headphones. Thankfully, this has not changed with the new Apple wireless earbuds!

You can still use your airpods for calls and listening to music, but they will go into power-save mode so you will have to wake them up before using them again.

This feature is only available at night time though, so if you want to use your earphones during the day then there is an easy fix!

You just need to put in the earbud covers until morning and then pull them off and away you go! Your ears won’t get wet because of the cover, and it helps prevent water from getting inside the device.

Can I use Airpods when I swim?

how are airpods used

With the wireless earbuds now at the height of their popularity, there have been questions about how well they work while you are swimming or engaging in other water activities. Luckily, we have some answers!

Seafile has a great article with tips for using airpods while swimming. One of the key points is that instead of having to hold them directly to your ears, you can put one device in your pocket or bag and connect the second one once you get back onto land.

This way you do not need as strong of a grip on the devices since you are no longer holding them up to your ears, only taking them out occasionally to re-pair or check messages.

Another important tip comes from Sony themselves, always make sure to take off both headphones before putting them into your trash can or recycling bin.

Can I use Airpods when I ride my bike?

how are airpods used

Yes! You can use airpowered earbuds while you are riding your bicycle or doing other exercise activities. They do have some limitations, however.

You cannot listen to music with these headphones while you’re in motion unless you have an iPhone that has Bluetooth enabled. That means you need to either bring your phone along or find a place where they have internet access.

If you choose the second option, you will have to turn off push notifications so people don’t distract you from your workout.

Can I use Airpods when I drive?

how are airpods used

This is probably one of the most annoying features of these headphones. You can’t! It seems like there’s no way to use them while you are driving, but unfortunately, you are. Luckily, it’s not difficult to avoid this feature unless you really need it.

A quick solution is just don’t do it. If you have to use your phone for work or something else, then don’t use air-connected headphones. Use normal headphones instead. Also, if possible, only use hands free devices while you’re driving so that you don’t need to hold onto your device.

There are some apps and tools that can help prevent people from using the connected function while you’re in motion. One such app is EarPODS which has a setting where you can turn off voice and video calls while you’re moving.

Can I use Airpods when I cook?

how are airpods used

While some people may think that using regular earbuds while you are cooking is enough, it’s not. That technique does not work because the sound can be cut off when you open up the oven or turn on the stove.

With AirPods, this is not an issue since they are designed to automatically shut down when you take them out of your ears. You also do not have to worry about leaving them in your pocket or somewhere else where they could get wet or burned.

There is one small setback though-you cannot use the automatic shutdown feature if you want to listen to music or talk for longer than two minutes without recharging. This can sometimes make listening for longer periods impossible unless you either switch to another pair of headphones or pull out your phone to recharge.

Can I use Airpods when I go to the bathroom?

how are airpods used

There is one more major way you can use your airpod! You can actually take them out and wash them! This is very important as they are exposed to water with every sync or listening session.

You should always clean your earbuds before washing your phone, but adding an extra step for headphones is even better.

To do this, simply remove the case (if there is one) and put in some soap and water. Make sure to scrub around each bud and within the headphone jack to fully eliminate any lingering dirt or moisture.

After that, dry completely and reattach using the included screw or glue if needed.

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