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Connect Airpods To Mac

When your device is no longer able to connect to Bluetooth or you have accidentally broken off of connection, it can be frustrating! Luckily, there are many ways to re-connect your earbuds or transfer media from one set to the other.

There are several easy solutions that do not require using a computer. Some of these solutions are free while others cost a few dollars depending on how much access you want to give them.

This article will go over three different methods for connecting your earphones and sharing music with yourself and others. These tips will work for both iOS and macOS devices.

Removing headphones using only your phone

If you just need to quickly disconnect your earphones, then why not use an app? There are plenty of apps out there that let you do this. You can also find ones that allow you to easily switch between wireless headphones or get rid of the headphone cord completely.

These apps usually have you register as a user first, but some offer trial versions without requiring authentication.

Open the AirPods app on your Mac

connect airpods to mac

If you have not already, open up the Settings app on your computer. Then look for System under the Privacy settings. Click here to view my tutorial on how to do this!

Once there, make sure that “Enable sync of closed apps” is checked. This will ensure that any time you take off one set of headphones, the other one automatically turns back on so you do not lose connection!

If it says “Connect to same device only” then check the box next to “When both are connected” and hit Sync.

This will connect the two sets of headphones with each other so they can be used as a pair instead of having to turn them on and off separately.

Connect AirPods to your Mac

connect airpods to mac

There are two ways to connect your new pair of wireless headphones to your computer. You can use either an USB-C or Bluetooth connection method.

With iOS 12, Apple made it very easy to pair using Bluetooth. Just open Settings > Devices and tap the “+” button next to Wireless Headphones. Then, choose from “Search for access points” or “Connect automatically” depending on whether you want to find and sync with another device yourself or have it done for you.

If you already paired your earbuds through a third party app like Google Assistant, Spotify, or iCloud then choosing that as the sync source will transfer all your settings and music into the new pairing.

You’ll need to re-pair those before they work, but otherwise everything is fully functional! If you’re having trouble connecting via Settings, make sure your phone has good quality reception and refresh this page until you get a response.

Disconnect AirPods from your Mac

connect airpods to mac

Even after you have disabled pairing, there are still ways to connect your earbuds to your computer. This can happen if you lose connection with the device or if someone else connects them for you.

There are several ways to disconnect an AirPod from your MacBook Pro. You can do this by tapping into the Bluetooth settings, removing the headphones through USB ports, or using software to disable the earbud mode.

This article will show you how to remove the earbuds from your laptop via Bluetooth settings, as well as some alternatives in case one of these methods is not working.

Check the battery level of your AirPods

If you have not connected your device to computer recently, it is very possible that the batteries are completely drained out. Make sure to check this before re-pairing!

If you need help connecting, refer to our article on how to connect AirPods for some steps. You can also watch one of our YouTube videos like How to Use Your iPhone as an Extension For MacBook Pro or How to Pair An Apple Watch With Your Computer Or Device.

Update the software on your Mac

connect airpods to mac

The next step is to update the software on your computer. You will need to do this so that it can detect when there is a loss of connection with one of the earbuds, or the smartphone, and therefore know how to reconnect to either device!

Most people sync using an app called ‘Color’ which is owned by Apple. There are many other good apps like Color, but unfortunately they cannot be connected to both devices at once.

So what you have to do is pick one device as the source and one device as the destination, then use the settings within macOS to connect the second device to the first one via the source.

Use anti-dust wipes to clean your AirPods

connect airpods to mac

If you have ever tried using your earbuds as headphones, then you know how annoying it can be when they just will not work. The source of this problem is usually dust or dirt getting in between the device and the socket that receives the signal from the phone.

If you are having this issue, do not worry! There are some easy fixes for this. You can either use different earbuds or buy new ones, but making sure your ears are able to receive a good connection is the most important thing!

One solution that many people suggest is using an anti-dust wipe to remove any gross residue left over from the packaging process. These wipes are easily found at all major retailers and typically cost around $1 per pack.

The best way to use these wipes with your AirPod is by placing one onto each side of the pod and rubbing away the excess.

Connect AirPods to your Mac every time

connect airpods to mac

There are two ways to connect your earbuds to your computer. You can use one of the three built-in USB ports, or you can using an additional pair of Bluetooth headphones as a receiver.

If you’re choosing the first option, make sure that your device supports USB passthrough. This means it must be able to recognize both the port and the individual cable that goes into it. Some devices have this feature automatically when you turn them on, while others don’t until you activate their settings.

Your phone, laptop, or desktop will need adequate wireless coverage so you can connect without experiencing issues or delays. Make sure your router is working efficiently and there aren’t any dead spots.

Run a maintenance routine on your AirPods

connect airpods to mac

While using your headphones is very enjoyable, there are some things you can do to make sure they are working well for you!

One of these things is making sure that your airpods get enough charge so that you will have access to them when you need them.

If you lose connection or their battery dies, you will be missing out on important information or music!

To keep your earbuds in good condition, there is an easy way to connect them to your computer. You can run an app called “Connect” by Apple directly from your computer or through a browser. This will let you see if your earphones are connected properly and will give you tips on how to use them.

There are two ways to connect your earbuds to your computer: via Bluetooth or via USB. This article will go over which one is better for users and what to watch out for.

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